[Full Photo] If Fish in Aquarium Like This

The IMROEE Post - What would happen If Fish in Aquarium looks Like This? Oh No ....!!!!

But this is not about a Aquarium or fish! In picture, hey are swimmers, divers, water polo player and member of the swimming squad in UK. 12 women dared to be photographed in naked body with their own styles in the water.

[Full Photo] If Fish in Aquarium Like This -- imroee
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The 12 sexy women were photographed one by one in the water - while they hid their body that doesn't appropriate to see in public-, because it would be too chaotic to photograph them at once. Their pictures were then put together by using a computer program.


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Berita Pilihanku said...

ahahahaha... ikan mungkin gayanya gitu juga bro. kita aja gak tau karena bukan ikan :))

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