Shiseido Model With Disconnected Limbs Is Photoshop Disaster

The image of a naked model on a rock appears normal at first glance. But under closer inspection there is a large gap between her right leg and her body, while her right hand is equally disconnected.

The surreal image, which was used as press material by Shiseido, has been highlighted by experts as an example of how not to Photoshop a photograph.

The image, uncovered by the website Photoshop Disasters, raises issues surrounding the ethical boundaries of the widely-used image correcting software.

Shiseido, a company more famous for its sleek and polished models than those with disconnected limbs, admitted the image was not up to its usual standards.

"This image was produced locally by our subsidiary about five years ago as press material to be used for editorial articles," said a Tokyo-based spokesman. It was never intended for use in advertisements."

Photoshop has been at the centre of several rows in recent years, mostly in relation to fashion models being modified into thinner versions of their real selves.

Ralph Lauren is one of a number of designers who have sparked rows after being accused of using Photoshop to make their models appear differently from reality. (

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