Sandhy Sondoro Talks About Peace in the Third Album

Sandhy Sondoro re-launched his album. This time Sandhy in his third album talking about love to depicting peace.

The launch of Sandhy's third album was performed at the Hard Rock Cafe, Jalan MH. Thamrin, Central Jakarta on Friday (22/10/2010) night. Sandhy's third album titled 'Sandhy Sondoro'.

"My message here is actually 'one love', not just love between two guy, but peace. I am a minority in Germany had ever felt how racist was," Sandhy explained.

In the album, the man who have known singing in German is still relying 12 songs taken from his old of the first and second albums. There are two new songs in this album.

In his third album, the man who is domiciled in Germany offering guitar playing and voice which is more cool and beautiful. "I've played my music just like that (in his album before), but now I try to make something that is cool and beautiful," he explained.(

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