The Secret Service: "Hey Guys, This is Not Museum"

On Tuesday (09/11/2010) afternoon, the visit of President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, not only made the curiosity of people in border of capital street to be traversed by president to see what and how the presidential entourage of "Uncle Sam's country" is.

The same curiosity experienced by members of the Indonesian press who assigned to cover Obama's visit, particularly at the State Palace, Jakarta.

Despite they have an ID, the press did not allow to get into the Palace Complex, especially into the yard and State Palace building.

And you know, during the coverage of the visit of U.S. President, the press is restricted and regulated in such a way that can not be crowded-crammed into the Palace.

State Palace has become a sterile place for the press, unless a special permission. Besides, it's used as a place for reception and meeting face to face and bilateral delegations of Indonesia and the U.S. delegation. The Presidential Palace is also as a place for press to coverage the statement between U.S. President and the President of Indonesia.

Somehow, when press statement would be done at the Credentials Room, several members of the press from Indonesia, out of 25 people who have obtained special permission to follow the press release, suddenly get into the State Palace yard.

They're not just trying to look into the Credentials Room, although they're failed because triggered by the U.S Secret Service or the U.S. Presidential bodyguard.

In fact, the press which followed a number of staff of the Presidential Household utilize to photographed with the U.S. Presidential car as background on their photos that was carrying from U.S directly.

At first it looked okay, some of members of the press succesfully photographed the car as background on the photos. He thought, rather than hardly to take pictures with President Obama, with the president official car was never mind.

The event of photographs were also apparently caught an attention by the staff of the Presidential Household to join to get amazing picures beside the car. Some of them used a cell phone and even had a special request to take their photos by photographers.

However, the Secret Service suddenly admonished the reporters in the scene who were being photographed so engrossed. "Hey guys, this is not a museum," the Secret Service said. The press and the staff simultaneously went away from the car of U.S. Presidency. So poor..! (

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