SMASH (SM*SH), The New Boy Band of Indonesia Has Copied Korean Boy band?

 (SM*SH), The New Boy Band Of Indonesia Has Copied Korean Boy band? | The IMROEE Post - SM*SH (read: SMASH) is a group of young men who want to share their joy and feelings through music and performance. There is no doubt to say that they are very similar to a Korean boy band called SMASH in which prior exist and famous as well. They both have a same name and also the way they dance.

SMASH (Seven Man As Seven Heroes)
SMASH (Seven Man As Seven Heroes)
The new boy band is idolized by many teenage girls in particular who are junior or senior high school, most of their fans are teenagers.

Their first appearance in the Indonesian music industry was begun with their single called "I Heart You". The song describes evidence of love expression for teenage girl. The song was created by Sogi Indradhuaja, Decil Prapanca, Buni D'Looney, and Hendi who took the simple lyrics of the vocabulary teen conversation "this day". Below is a fragment of the lyrics of "I Heart You":

“Kenapa hatiku cenat cenut tiap ada kamu”
You know me so well
“I know you so well”
“Girl i need you, Girl i love you, Girl i heart you”

SMASH (Seven Man As Seven Heroes)
SMASH means Seven Man As Seven Heroes. They are seven young men: Rafael Landry Tanubrata, Rangga Dewamoela Soekarta, Morgan Oey, Dicky Muhammad Prasetya, Bhishma Karisma, M. Reza Anugrah, and M. Ilham Fauzi.

If you are a lover of Korean artists, at least you know some of Korean artists such as Super Junior, SHINee, 2PM, and SM*SH. One of them is a boy band called SMASH (SM*SH), and now Indonesia there is a boy band like that, which has the same name, SMASH. Indonesian SMASH differs 1% and 99% of their styles are similar. Indonesian SMASH can be said that they copied all Korean SMASH's styles.

Korean SMASH
Korean SMASH
Even they copied what Korean SMASH has done, Indonesian SMASH is not as good as you've ever thought, it's just horrible but not too bad in music. They can make you dance with their song "I Heart You" and also their performance is not too bad, just enough to say that they are good.

Once you watch their music video "I Heart You", you will immediately think that they adopted Korean boy band. It feels like you are watching to Super Junior's music video.

One more concern to many people is the boy band's name. SM*SH, which is read SMASH, is the name of one of the famous boyband in Korea debuted in 2008.

By naming the boy band with the same, of course, it will add a list of Indonesian bands that make plagiarism of the works of foreign bands. It is clear that the boy band tried to exploit the market along with the huge fans of Korean boy bands in Indonesia. So, they take a part by using the same name and styles to what Korean boy bands have done.

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Anonymous said...

ohmygad! I hate to say it but i have to!!! I hate the fa ct that you guys are wannabes! Im a kpop's lover so we kpop's or i can say myself dont like it! When i listened to 'SMASH'S SONGS' i feel like i wannna strangle all of you :D pardon me for the comments but i cant help it. I just want to let this felling out eventhough im still mad :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there , mkayy then I should say the truth you guys are so cool and amazing like seriously I'm telling truth is not fake , it is real, anyway don't listen to people saying about you guys, just go on , show what you got, people crictics about you all don't listen to it , they all just jealous. For your information I'm from malaysian and you know what I hate kpop from korea because they all are just so fake .

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